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Warmington on sea apocalypse

Captain Mainwaring had been unprepared for Nazi zombies but, he was determined to find Hitler’s new terror weapon hidden in the ruins of Warminton on Sea…..he had,after all, his own new weapon of terror. A ww1 18pdr field gun!


What’s what:

The home guard figures are a delightful set by Warlord Games.
Zombies courtesy of Zombiecide.
The vehicles and gun are a code 3 assembly:
One Matchbox Yesteryear (van)
One Corgi Classic (lorry)
And a match firing gun I found in a cupboard at home. Huzza!

The ultimate weapon was turned on a lathe for gaming with a famous future war game which cannot be named… for legal and rmotional reasons.
Buildings and terrain ‘mostly’ scratch built.

Some work in progress shots:



One comment on “Warmington on sea apocalypse

  1. Lovely work again!!! My Thornycroft conversions will be a sumer project!! you’ve done a great job on both the figures and their equipment..Iconic!!!

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