Scotland Yard’s Horse Driven Gattling Gun

The a set of Perry Miniatures draft Rioters and the beautiful Northstar In Her Majesties Name figure sets tempted me to dip my toe into the wonderful world of Victorian era gaming. And as with many people my victorian project incorporates elements of Victorian fiction and steam punk.

I decided that I liked the idea of scratch building a few vehicles for these games and this horse drawn gattling gun is one of them.

Cart-Gattling-1 Cart-Gattling-2

The cart is a Lledo Days Past diecast toy I picked up for £2 in a local antiques shop. I changed the horses using a couple of Perry ACW cavalry horses as the ones supplied were quite poor quality and a bit small. I left the driver that came with the set, but changed his hand for one holding a pistol. The Gattling gun, spare magazine and firing crewman are from the Perry Miniatures Sudan range, and the kneeling crew man is a Warlord Games AZW plastic Brit.


The original toy:





2 comments on “Scotland Yard’s Horse Driven Gattling Gun

  1. Tres cool! Nicely done.

  2. Lovely work Mike, that is very nice.

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