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Sovereign Class Starships

Si's Soldiers

Sovereign Class with USS Defiant Sovereign Class
with USS Defiant

I now have a fair number  Sovereign Class Starships in 1/7000 scale, pretty pleased how the paint job turned out on them given their size it isn’t really possible to add names and registry numbers to the saucer sections so have decided to create a decal for each base giving name number and class to all my ships.

Although I have used “Official” names and registry numbers for a lot of the ships, it was quite interesting to invent my own. I will no doubt make a list of these at some point!!!!

This class of ship serves as a Dreadnought in my fleet (for use with my own rule system)

As for paint job, I sprayed them withprimer paint (light grey) then gave them a black wash. When dry I used same shade of grey dry brushed over the black wash then used a…

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