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Kill BIll

When I got my Fist Full of Kung Fu minis back in February I decided that what was lacking from the sets was some kind of lethal female assassin, and it occurred to me how cool it would be to have a mini based on the Bride out of the movie Kill Bill. After looking and asking around to no avail I settled on modifying the Crooked Dice Pandora King Miniature. With the simple addition of a plastic Wargames factory Katana, and a bit of greenstuff/filing work I came up with a mini that roughly fits the bill. Not a prefect match, but near enough.

Pandora Bride:


It’s all kicking off outside the pork store again:




One comment on “Kill BIll

  1. Lovely little conversion job Mike!!
    Anyway I know who my money is on!!!
    I think the local authorities might have to shut down the pork store, it seems to be the centre of most crime in the city!
    Could that actually be Gene Hunt’s Ford GLX off to the right??????

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