Ottoman Turks….Janissaries Malta 1565

Si's Soldiers

Perry Zouaves Conversion Perry Zouaves Conversion

Early last year,  one of my Friends suggested that he’d like to under take a group project, and wondered if he could enlist our collective brotherhood…..”The Starship Vorenus crew”.

He selected the Invasion of Malta by the Ottoman Turks in 1565. Opposing the  vast armies of  the Grand turk was another Tiny Band of brothers……The Knights of St John…..or as you might know them, the Knights Hospitaller.

Prior to this suggestion I was completely Ignorant of this Great moment in History. I purchased a book on the subject matter, and I have to say that not only did i learn a lot, but it was a genuinely interesting subject matter.

Space doesn’t allow for me to relate the story to you.  However I do recommend that you look it up or buy a book on the subject.

Back to the project in hand…. The basic plan was…

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4 comments on “Ottoman Turks….Janissaries Malta 1565

  1. Those are fantastic! Well done! Love that banner, too!

  2. Splendid figures and a great write up!
    Top job Si.

  3. many thanks guys!!!
    I’m going to be working on the banner over next few days adding battle damage!!
    Will up date when ready!

  4. Really great minis! And very inspiring conversions!

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