U.N.I.T. Landrover completed

A simple black paint job (dark grey, washed with black) and then some fantastic custom decals. (From Si, Starship Vorenus crew member and author of Si’s Soldiers blog).




The black fits nicely with the UNIT theme, and the decals just finish it off.


Trouble at the meat market! Bolt Action commandos converted to modern UNIT attempt to repel a Dalek attack.


8 comments on “U.N.I.T. Landrover completed

  1. Lovely work Mike, pictures are fantastic. Decals work really well…very pleased !!!

  2. Great work, Mike! And the decals look spot on too! Well ‘ard!

  3. Delighted to see it in action!
    The complete package is very inventive.

  4. And I though you said you’d exit all but 6mm scale…glad to see you haven’t. Nice photos and modeling.

  5. Outstanding work on that. The decals really bring that to life – how did you do the white?

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