Something a bit different

Picked up a pack of these cheap on holiday. These are from the Airtfix range of 1/48 modern british army range. I had been vaguely aware of these for some time but to be honest painting moderns is not really something that has grabbed me.

However I decided that these could be really useful to use with my Doctor Who miniatures as vehicles for my modern UNIT troops.



Lots of parts!

The kit contains enough parts to make 2 vehicles, the WMIK Land Rover and the Snatch Land Rover. I decided to go for the Snatch Land Rover first. It seemed more ‘UNIT’ somehow. The box contains 4 grey hard plastic sprues, two for each vehicle, and a sprue of clear plastic glass parts. The level of detail on the parts is excellent, and the set is very well moulded and designed at first glance. The instructions are complicated, with many stages, but well layed out, with enough information to follow step by step.


I have to be honest I did feel a little daunted looking at it all. It has been years since I assembled anything this complex. However as I got into it I found the parts went together nicely and it was a fairly easy build to follow.


It took me about an hour and half to complete, I complicated things further by leaving the roof off so I can paint the inside easier. There are a few choices to make, open door, bonnet and back door options. I primarily want this as a playing piece for Doctor Who so made my decisions accordingly.



The assembled kit with some converted Warlord Games Bolt Action commandos as UNIT!

Next I will attempt painting it. It will be all black to go with the modern UNIT look, and Starship Member Si (of Si’s soldiers) is looking into sorting some waterside transfers with UNIT markings!

Also debating wether to up arm it with a rocket launcher, or mini gun, to give it a more Sci-Fi feel, and certainly more Dalek stopping power!

3 comments on “Something a bit different

  1. Well done; those will fit perfectly with the Dr. Who stuff!

  2. Can’t beat land rovers : )

  3. Mike, this is a fantastic review……should have a kit review section on the starship!!!!

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