A Fist Full of Kung Fu: The Yakuza

The other set I got from the Northstar’s Kung Fu range.

Yak-3 Yak-2 YAK

Tried to get a tiger on the bruisers tattoo… not sure if it is more tigger? These are painted as the come out of the box, just the bases removed.

Once again, these were fantastic minis to paint, and are fabulously cast and sculpted. Obviously they are intended for the A Fist Full of Kung Fu game but they could be useable in any number of modern era games.

A nice tidy little side project, just 14 figures, 2 factions and dozens of uses.


4 comments on “A Fist Full of Kung Fu: The Yakuza

  1. The tattoos are something else….utterly amazing!

  2. Agreed…the tattoos are a fantastic touch!
    Lively brush work and good looking miniatures : )

  3. Brilliant, Mike – thought the cops were a good set, but this beats them for character. Those tattoos are superb – tat on the bruiser is more PanTang than Tigger – looks fine!

  4. The tattoos are outstanding! And the mean looking faces!

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