Even more salute pictures




Amazing Scifi board, with superb lighting effects, photo not great.





Roman landing party.






Zombie Chicken mam






Great hall. Laser cut. Beautiful snow board.


2 comments on “Even more salute pictures

  1. really like the Roman Bireme (which I have still unfinished!!!) but really I love how the troops are done in the water…that’s something I’m going to use!!!!!!! i’d imagine that would interest Carvel too.
    I was also going to cast a few dolphins and place them ahead of the Bireme!
    hopefully you have some pictures of this battlefield!!!

  2. Heorot is an amazing model…big fan of Beowulf.
    The sea surf waders are very clever!
    Was the sci fi board by the same fellow who did the planet if the apes board last year? That had a subway I seem to remember….

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